Cross border trade associations

14 April 2019
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14 April 2019, Comments 0

APRED-RGL supports women leader active in cross-border trade between the RD Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. We have facilitated the formation of a cross-border trade association: Communauté Économiques de Femmes exerçant le Commerce Transfrontalier dans la Sous-région des Grands Lacs (CEFCT-RGL).

Congolese, Rwandan and Burundian female traders work together to maximize their profit. This activity is not only a contribution to poverty reduction in the Great Lakes sub-region. This inter-ethnic encounter and exchange decreases prejudices, reduces fears, builds confidence, heals open wounds and destroys hatred.

The cross-border traders have become active peace-builders that advocate for peace and reconciliation. The association has published peace declarations in several languages in newspapers and local radio stations.

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